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Crypto n' my 2nd Heezy fa' Sheezy

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

I have a 2nd house stellium (in Leo baby!!); lined up like a mahwfugga. The second house, in astrology, is the house that includes: personal finances, the material world and possessions, and what we attribute value; a love of spending money, moving money, and having nice things could be considered for those with planets located in this house. #2ndhousestellium #2ndhousemars #2ndhousemercury. You could say that one expression for me is I’m a little obsessed with hustlin’; making that cash flow, baby! 🤑🤑🤑

Inside me, for years, I've desired to understand how to make my money work for me. I imagined so through investments and passive income, but I just never really figured it out and took action. I harnessed most of my interest in spending money and finding good deals, As in, when I see a standout neon red/orange/yellow sign in a store I'm like a bull; I huff and puff, drag the ball of my foot on the floor a couple of times and charge; locked in for the clearance rack, lol. And dayyyummnn have I found some gems in my time. Well, I believe that I’ve finally found a way to harness my love for shopping and finding value, cost-benefit, with Crypto! Holy shit whaaa???

"Bro, I’m learning crypto."

"Dude, WTF is crypto?"

"Dude, it's a new form of digital money that will inevitably be mainstream"

"Bro, I’m learning crypto."

I’m learning that everyone, every-fuckin'-one, needs to learn about it, needs to learn how to buy it. Buy in on it. Get your crypto, yo!! Preserve your self-sovereignty!

Do your due diligence. Then, get that shit. Buy it. It’s possible it could become the global reserve currency. We’re on our way there, Dude. With the inevitability of inflation, people are losing faith in the USD and it's def not even backed by a commodity, aka, fiat currency, aka, a piece of fuckin' paper has no intrinsic value and every currency to not be backed by a commodity eventually fails, historically. If your assets are entirely in USD, you're essentially guaranteed to lose money as the dollar is devalued.

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero." (Voltaire, 1694-1778)

This is NOT financial advice. Do your OWN research.

Wanna come and play in the crypto space?


Do your fuckin' research. What. the. fuck. is crypto, right? Well… BLOCKCHAIN is a keyword to figure out and understand. There are also a gazillion other words in the jargon of the space.

One book I read, well, listened to on Audible, is: Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy The Complete Handbook to Building Wealth in the Next Digital Revolution by Jake Ryan. I loved it. I read a review that it “read like a suspense novel” and I was like, that’s got to be a joke. No dude, it literally kept me at the edge of my seat. Okay, it does start to get technical and the jargon is a lot to catch on to when you’re a noob, so probably getting this physical book as well, just to see the definitions and the graphs, might be helpful. Anyways… it totally does read like a suspense novel for at least most of it.

Other books that have been recommended that I'm reading, or intend to read, are: The Bitcoin Standard, The Creature from Jekyll Island and there are a shit ton of others that seem worthy to check out, prob just google it or comment below if you know some goowehd shiit pertaining to the subject.


Optimize your environment and get on fuckin' clubhouse dude, or some other fucking group, where there are people wanting to level up in crypto, and they also want to share their knowledge. Or some other group shit, like Facebook groups, or probably Twitter, so you can follow your coins. Telegram is a thing. Pretty much utilize your social media of choice, and try a new one, to learn about crypto and cryptocurrency current events and ins and outs.

Youtube? Yes. Fuck yes.

Or even take a class on e.g. skillshare! I’ve found a few that go over the basics.

Step 3: BUY IT

Buy it. Some people trade it too, but it seems like $bitcoin, specifically, is a digital asset, and holding on to it forever, unless you abso-fucking need to liquidate, is the way to go, but who really knows, it's volatile and risky, but also, pretty much a sure thing. Uhhh...

There are tons of apps to buy cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is good for noobs, it seems, but do your research and find a digital wallet that's safe and secure.


Eventually, you’ll need a physical wallet, but from what I’m hearing, if you lose your password, which is usually like a series of 12 to like 24, or so, words, you’re completely fucked. So def time to have your shit together! Have a way to keep numbers and passwords organized and safe. I’m def still working on it and am still shopping for a physical wallet, but hey! At least we’ve realized this at the beginning of the revolution! Seems like that’s a big deal. Pretty fuckin' huge deal, actually.

I wish I’d been on this train so long ago, but we're here now, so that's cool! Do your research, buy bitcoin and/or find another project you adore, read their white paper, listen to their quarterly meetings, research the creators, understand the utility of the software, follow them on social media, and take a leap! Due to the volatility of this market, def don't invest any dough you can't afford to lose, but there are so many ways in this space to make your money grow with crypto.

Comment below what you think about crypto, or if you're less of a noob than me, share some tips! Any steps you might add? BTW, do you have any planets in the second house in your natal chart?

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